Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Sugar Coating Business

Are you one of those who in your childhood loved anything that your mind passed as sweet? Well childhood love usually does not last long. Here is a new kind of sweetener in market that will evoke similar “feel good” emotions and if one has a heart, can last forever. On top of it, this does not even cause diabetes. The product is widely available in different forms, in all parts of the world.

A booming sugar candy business can be seen in the film industry. After all who can resist the “all is well, and even when things are not, we are still a family” films coated with sugar syrup from the beginning till the very end? This business cuts across language and space. Our superheroes not just possess extraordinary strengths but come with a heart too. With tears in their eyes and a heavy heart they take up their “great responsibilities” that come as a package deal with “great powers”. All the pretty women, maids from Manhattan, Tom, Dick and Harries & Sallies and now our “desi” Ayeshas, after many conflicts, misunderstandings and emotional drama finally manage to get hooked with their “Mr. Rights”. They are meant to live happily ever after although they have, in the past, not been able to hold on to any relationship long enough. But it doesn’t come that handy….they all need to immerse themselves in a concentrated solution of sugar syrup to prepare for the final speech dripping with emotions. They may either get on to a stage or climb some uncomfortable ladder (or do something as dramatic) to deliver this last set of dialogues that is usually witnessed by hundreds of people gaping at them with tear-filled eyes and a pasted smile along with our audience.

A large contribution comes from our renowned authors who are widely known for their meaningful writings that fill the hearts of millions of people with excessively “sugary” emotions. They make us realize how the whole world conspires to make our dreams come true when we truly wish for something (at least such is the case in all Paulo Coelho’s worlds). It has also been revealed to the world by some famous psychiatrist (who might not have been as famous by his practice as he became by his books) how “only love is real” and how souls travel together across life times for the sake of love. The articles and books where the facts are coated with a feel good layer of timeless love, selfless sacrifices and lessons of morality are read by many men and women who go to sleep with sweet dreams (that are made sweeter with these writings) only to wake up to the unhappy reality of life.

The most refined product in this industry, meant for people who are not satisfied by mere dialogues or bookish words, is the sugar coated morality. This product guarantees it’s users a feel good factor in their lives without making too many changes in their life style. They can continue buying expensive, luxurious products but only from the brands that promise to donate a small percentage of their money to a charity helping malnourished children in some remote village. It is not important to know if the same companies are in some way responsible for such conditions at the first place. One should not try to dig deeper as these products are sugar coated only on the surface. They may come out in hordes with candles in their hands in an appropriate white dress and a suitable make up for the occasion, to fulfill their moral duties and display their support for a cause that has greatly moved (or entertained?) them on television. People may feel good about themselves by donating old clothes to a drought hit village but don’t scratch them too hard or else the sugar coated morality might just peel off.

In the world of conflicts and confusions of the privileged class, who are comfortably settled in their lives but want a little extra for their entertainment, these sugar coated candies are selling like hot cakes. All interested people may hurry and grab these products to add some sugar in their lives.


Harmanjit Singh said...

You might enjoy this animation:

Susan said...

yes i did watch it earlier from your facebook post. liked it a lot.

manzarnama said...

I totally/100% agree...
"This product guarantees it’s users a feel good factor in their lives without making too many changes in their life style"; which is never the case in real-life.

Anonymous said...

liked your post. enjoyed reading it.
i think, this business is very good to give a feel good feeling, which is very much required. act of kindness is a need of human to sustain life. It is same emotion like anger and laugh, which any human can not avoid. It is in built in our nature, may be implanted by nature to make us feel good, take our guilt away, in order to avoid system collapse desined by nature.

If you scratch any thing you will end at some bitter truth, becasue nature is based on very cruel rules. To take ourself away from this guilt, sugar coating is very much required to sustain system. its an illusion but good enough to take away our attention to bitter truths and give a positive way to live.