Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Simple Mathematics

The world as we see it, is an uncomfortably perplexing place to be in; the “knowns” are questionable and the “unknowns” undeniable. The sequence of events from the beginning of it all as science observes and proposes, till the creation and evolution of life can in itself be an overwhelming thought. In this world of mysteries and amidst infinite doubts and ambiguities, we do however manage to form our own belief system. This is based on our primary beliefs that we accept without doubting or questioning and our own intelligence or logic that we apply to these primary beliefs. In a way it is similar to deriving an output based on an arithmetic expression or formula and certain input parameters given to us. The entire belief system completely relies on these arithmetic expressions and the input parameters. Of course, each one of us is free to come up with his or her own set of primary beliefs based on their own experiences and observations, and build a larger belief system on top of it. However, digging deeper, one might conclude that the basic axioms that one had considered were flawed or the logic was inappropriate. A slight shift in ones logic/perception or a change in the primary beliefs can bring down the entire belief system and turn ones worlds upside down. So what does one do? Does the universe at all provide a unique formula with defined parameters to us? Is there any way to find out? Should one stop defining any kind of formula or leave the various parameters open without assuming any values for them. Is it at all possible for human mind not to stick to any particular belief system or detach itself from all beliefs whatsoever? If so, is this the best way to be?