Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some Illogical Thoughts

Standing at the backyard, looking at the hundreds of fish struggling to survive in a small water body accumulated due to heavy rain, my mom said, "I wonder why God had to create the world which has so much pain and struggle. I laughed it off and said, "if only God existed".

I consider my self to be a non believer. And yet sometimes I find myself asking the same question (in a different way, may be). "What was the necessity for the entire creation? The world with whatever pleasure it might provide, doesn't seem worth so much of pain and suffering". Such was my state of mind today when a female dog with her six puppies innocently looked at me as if wanting to know why I was supposed be to sleeping in a comfortable house while she along with her children stood drenched in the heavy rain? Because my species was more capable and did a better job in creating all the luxuries for itself. And among the members of my species I happen to be one of the more privileged ones.

The pain and the sufferings may not mean anything in the true sense of the universe....but it is still very real for me.


manzarnama said...

there was no necessity of creation, it just happened... remember quantum physics; everything is probabilistic.

Susan said...

Human mind often tends to loose this realistic perspective. That is why I call it "illogical thoughts" :-)

Pankaj said...

the sad answer is, the universe yields no answer. maybe it is best to create beings in the sky.

Darshan Chande said...

I read it up and wondered about the title. After seeing your reply-comment I see why you called these thoughts "illogical". :P